Up to 4,600 first home buyer guarantees back up for grabs

5% deposit

Want to buy your first home with a 5% deposit and pay no lenders’ mortgage insurance? You could be in luck – the government will soon reissue up to 4,651 unused Home Guarantee Scheme spots. First home buyers who use the Home Guarantee Scheme fast track their property purchase by 4 to 4.5 years on […]

Prepare to pay more when interest rates rise

interest rates rise

Prepare to pay more when interest rates rise After 18 straight RBA cash rate cuts it can be easy to dismiss the notion interest rates might rise again. But if the cash rate returned to mid-2019 levels, how much extra would an average new mortgage holder expect to pay each month? They say what goes […]

Loyalty tax: are you paying it?

loyalty tax

What is the loyalty tax? The RBA has revealed in new data confirming that banks charge existing customers more interest on their homes loans than new clients. You see, the banks don’t think you’re paying attention, and as such, they only offer their lowest rates going to new customers in a bid to win them […]

Extra costs when buying a home

costs when buying a home

Extra costs when buying a home Building inspections, borrowing costs, insurance, and legal fees are just a few of the unwanted extra costs when buying a home.  According to research from Finder, the average Australian buying a home may pay more than $6,000 in unexpected up-front costs. To ensure you’re not surprised by any charges, […]

FHBs entering market with 5% deposit


Options for First Home Buyers to purchase with a 5% deposit Three-in-five prospective first home buyers intend to buy soon with a smaller deposit, rather than wait until they have saved 20%. So how do they plan on doing so? It usually takes between seven to 14 years for first home buyers to save a […]

Refinancing figures are skyrocketing

couple refinancing

Refinancing figures are skyrocketing Why are so many people currently refinancing? Should you consider doing so too? The answer is yes, absolutely.  We’re currently seeing people refinance their home loans, more than ever before. And the ABS figures prove we are not imagining things with refinanced home loan figures reaching an all-time high of $17.2 billion – more […]

Government schemes help First Home Buyers

FHB schemes

Government Schemes help FHB’s Thanks to two government schemes that give first home buyers a leg up into the property market, almost 33,000 Australians bought their first home four years sooner. Could you, or someone you know, be eligible? We love a feel-good news story around here, and hearing that so many FHB’s got a […]

The best day to auction your property

auction home

The best day to auction your property Drive around your local suburb mid-morning on a Saturday and chances are you’ll pass a few freshly banged-up ‘Auction’ signs. But is Saturday the best day to auction your home? You’ve probably got a mate or two whose favourite dinner party story is the time they crushed all […]

Are house prices slowing?

house prices

Are House Prices Slowing Down? It appears that the Aussie property market is starting to lose momentum after having reached record-breaking highs this past year.  Home values grew by 16.1% recently according to CoreLogic’s latest Hedonic Home Value Index, but there are signs that the growth rate is starting to taper.   Signs of a slow down […]